Flannel is a soft woven fabric, of various fineness and can be traced back to Wales, where it was well known as early as the 16th century.  Flannel manufacturers originally made flannel fabrics from carded wool or worsted yarn, but by the 20th century mixtures of other fibers are now used like silk, cotton, or synthetic fibers which has made making it more complex.  Since then many cotton fabric manufacturers in the USA as well as others across the globe have tried to make flannel fabrics and not all have succeeded.  And some that do manufacturer flannel today might call it flannel, but their fabrics are missing the real softness it was intended to have.

Manufacturing Flannel is not only a mechanical process of weaving the fabric and brushing the fabric to create a nap on one side or both sides, but an art form that involves picking the right fibers and how the yarn is spun in its woven method.

Jest custom manufactures Flannel fabrics the old fashion way giving it the real softness it was meant to have.  Our flannel fabrics are commonly used to make tartan clothing, blankets, bed sheets, sleepwear, and other specialty products

Not all Cotton Flannel Fabric Manufacturers are the same when it comes to Flannel manufacturing


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