Overview of Superhydrophobic:

Untreated Surfaces
:  Water forms flat "pools" that stick to surfaces resulting in excessive moisture damage on surface

Hydrophobic Surfaces: Water forms partially rounded beads resulting in some droplets rolling off of surfaces, while others remain in a pool

Superhydrophobic Surfaces: Water forms partially rounded beads resulting in water rolling effortlessly off of treated surfaces, keeping them dry and protected​

This Multi-Layer breathable design makes KwickWick a non-chemical 100% all natural moisture wicking alternative that keeps your body cool and dry in any type of sports or outdoor environment. 

This provides total comfort allowing your body to perform at maximum performance for longer periods of time.

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The most demanding outdoor apparel and footwear brands in the world rely on 37.5 Technology to make their products perform better.  37.5 active particle technology captures and releases moisture vapor to maintain the optimum relative humidity in your microclimate, which helps your body more efficiently maintain an ideal core temperature. 

The result?  Increased comfort and enhanced performance.

With 37.5 technology, patented active particles permanently embedded at the fiber level capture and release moisture vapor.  Not only do these active particles provide 800% more surface area to the fiber, they also provide a unique driving force to remove moisture vapor unlike any other technology. By actively responding to body heat, the active particles use this energy from the body to accelerate the vapor movement and speed up the conversion of liquid to vapor, significantly increasing drying rates.  This means the hotter the user gets, the stronger the driving force removing moisture becomes-and the more comfortable the garment remains. 

Benefits of 37.5 Technology

  • 37.5 works to keep the optimum relative humidity in your microclimate so your body more efficiently maintains an ideal core temperature, enabling you to perform better and longer.

  •  Fabrics made with 37.5 dry up to five times faster than similar fabrics, diminishing wet cling.

  • 37.5 is made with natural derived materials so there are no harsh chemicals to irritate your skin.

  • 37.5 active particles are permanently embedded into the yarn and will never wash out or degrade.

The Ideal Core Body Temperature for Comfort and Performance is 37.5 Celcius

KwickWick is a moisture wicking, breathable fabric technology that keeps your body cool, dry and comfortable in any type of sports or outdoor environment without the use of any harsh chemicals.

KwickWick is neither a Chemical Treated Yarn nor a Chemical Fabric Coating, but a Multi-Layer Designed Fabric Technology.

EverShield® is a fabric "Force Field" of protection with outstanding repellency and long lasting durability!

Insect Shield Repellent Apparel and Insect Shield Repellent Gear are revolutionary products designed to provide long-lasting, effective and convenient personal insecprotection.

The Insect Shield process binds proprietary permethrin formula tightly to fabric fibers-resulting in effective, odorless insect protection that lasts the expected lifetime of apparel.  Permethrin has been successfully used in the United States as an U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered product since 1977, with an excellent record of safety.  It is used in lice shampoos for children, flea dips for dogs, and various other products, some of which are regulated by the FDA.

Insect Shield Repellent Apparel has been proven and registered to repel mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges (no-see-um).  Insect Shield Gear has been proven and registered to repel mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and flies.

The durable protection provided by Insect Shield apparel and gear is the result of ears of research and testing.  When Insect Shield is applied to apparel and other types of gear - the result is effective, odorless insect protection that last the expected lifetime of the product.

Insect Shield can make all the difference in the World between a

Great Trip and a Terrible One!

Fabric Technology

EverShield® is a Durable Omni Repellant (DOR) that when applied to fabric deflects water, food, oil, and offers much more like:

  • Resists and repels most oils, acids, and alkalines
  • Repels and reduces the formation of ice
  • Maintains the strength of the original fabric
  • Protection for over 50 washes
  • Preserves fabric breathability
  • Retains original fabric softness and feel
  • And most of all it is a far superior water repellant

How it works:
EverShield® is applied to fabric at the time of manufacturing and establishes a polymer coating that encases each fiber of the material, significantly increasing durability through a complex protective matrix.  The coating that is created maintains performance levels of long chain fluorocarbons while utilizing more acceptable six-carbon fluoropolymers.

The EverShield® Technology offers three key benefits which makes it a far superior product to anything else on the market today:

  • Cross-Linker:  EverShield® utilizes a chemical additive called a cross-linker that connects polymer chains and makes them stronger. The result is a stronger fabric treatment that allows for greater durability. 
  • Conformal Coating:  During the treatment process, each individual fiber is coated with EverShield® unlike some fabric protection that only provides surface treatment. 
  • Advanced Durability:  EverShield® forms a strong link between polymers that are uniquely bound together to create fabric protection that is very durable and long lasting. 

Jest Textiles prides itself with keeping up with fabric technology and offers many different fabric laminates and coatings.  Here are just a few of the new highly technical products we offer. 

NeverWet® protects textiles from water damage and stains and its crystal clear formula will not change  the look, feel, or breathability of the fabric.  It is ideal for polyester, nylon, suede, canvas and other synthetics. 

​​Here's to Never Being Wet Again with NeverWet®

Isn't it time you used a New Fabric Technology to set you apart from the competition?

OSM Shield provides the maximum water-resistance, stain-resistance and odor-resistance properties for a wide range of industries:

Everyday Fashion
Denim, swimwear, women’s and men’s dress apparel, kid’s clothing, casual wear...

Performance Apparel
Golf, soccer, tennis, fitness, football, surf, hunting, fishing, camping...

Various apparel and equipment options...

Home Furnishings
Bedding, blankets, upholstery...

Surgical garments, drapes, bedding, linens...

Napkins, table cloths, chef’s apparel, aprons...

NeverWet® is a superhydrophobic fabric treatment that once applied and cured dramatically repels water, mud, ice and other liquids. This revolutionary new class of coatings cause water to form nearly perfect spheres or tiny beads which roll off the surface of the fabric keeping items dry and clean.​​


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